23 January, 2017

10 interesting facts vertebrates

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Vertebrates are animals that have a backbone or spinal column, also called vertebrae. These animals include fish, birds, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles. 

How are they classified? 

Vertebrates are  classified by the chordate subphylum vertebrata.  Invertebrates are any other animal that is classified outside of that class. 

Are there a lot of vertebrate species? 

There are currently around 65,000 known species of vertebrate animals. This sounds like a lot, but vertebrates are only around 3% of all the animals on Earth. Most of the animal species are invertebrates. 

What are some vertebrate animals?
  • Fish - Fish are animals that live in the water. They have gills that allow them to breathe under water. Different species of fish may live in fresh water or salt water. Some examples of fish include the brook trout, the great white shark, lionfish, and


Cute animal clips have taken over the Internet. But not every creature deserves a video montage. TIME takes a look at some animals that are troublesome to mankind. Check out Interesting Facts about Top 10 Evil Animals

10. Asian Carp

Measuring three ft. long and weighing up to 100 lbs., Asian carp are hardly your average fish. Originally from China, Asian carp are an invasive collection of fish that take over and destroy ecosystems by devouring plankton and disrupting their habitat's existing food chain. They're ravenous (often eating half of their body weight in one day), reproduce often and are difficult to capture. One particular species, the silver carp, can pose an even more immediate threat. Easily startled, they're known to jump into the air and knock out fishermen, causing injuries such as black eyes, broken bones and concussions. In February 2010, the White House even convened an Asian


ffaaccttss fast facts
Fish are aquatic vertebrates that are cold-blooded , covered with scales , and equipped with two sets of paired fins and several unpaired fins. Fish are abundant in the sea and in fresh water, with species being known from mountain streams (e.g., char and gudgeon ) as well as in the deepest depths of the ocean (e.g., gulpers and anglerfish ). They are of tremendous importance as food for people around the world, either collected from the wild (see fishing ) or farmed in much the same way as cattle or chickens (see aquaculture ). Fish


cameronmccormick Cameron McCormick
Dear Constant Readers,

Y'know, it really doesn't seem like there are any books these days with nothing but random, interesting facts. Sure knowing the record for the largest male blue whale (107'1" !?) isn't theoretically of the utmost importance, but as a connoisseur of the random animal fact it still is something I enjoy knowing. It really gives that sense of wonder and nostalgia to my not-so-distant boyhood of reading outdated books. I literally travel to the ends of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations to read Gerald Wood's Animal Facts and Feats (part of the Guinness family)...well that and eat falafel pockets. As soon as I get over my miserly nature and cough up the 9 dollars (plus shipping) for the book, expect a grand finale to this trilogy started here.


Perhaps one of the most vaguest classification terms ever, this covers well over a dozen diverse phyla of generally elongated animals. Judging by how people discussing this video were baffled by what they were seeing, it is safe to say that nemerteans are among the least familiar "worms". Nemerteans are typically marine (occasionally freshwater


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Last week the foks over at NewsWatch National Geographic proclaimed that they had the "5 Weirdest Antarctic species".

Hyperbole is all good and fine, but there was true nerd-rage that "they" (note-species identified as "weirdest" by Huw Griffiths as per their aritcle-but still unqualified in the title) could presume to not only make a claim of "weirdest" ANYTHING but not to include an echinoderm??? -the WEIRDEST of all the animals???  and not a starfish or worm to speak of!

And especially from Antarctica! Where echinoderms are part of the dominant fauna!!??? And to add insult to injury-to claim that among the "weirdest" was a fish???  Bah. I say.  Double Bah!

Anyway-just to show you HOW weird Antarctica can get I decided to show you not just 5 but TEN of the weirdest echinoderms and other invertebrates that I know!

All invertebrates. No fish.

Go and


A FABULOUS snake is actually one like animal (reptile, to become more accurate) which in turn invokes dread and interest as well. There tend to be than 3000 types of fish of snake available today. Snakes are merely in various sizes in addition to colors worldwide. They usually are broadly labeled into venomous plus non venomous models. Snakes have a relatively vertebra (Yes, snakes achieve have bones while it appears incredibly slimy which enable it to coil per se completely) and as such, they happen to be classified when vertebrates. Let united states now look into some fantastic facts at snakes.

Interesting A comparison of Snakes
  • When discussing the most significant snake anywhere, note of the fact that reticulated python (which could grow 28-30 paws long) could be the world's biggest, tallest or even greatest snake. As sanctioned python, its non venomous!
  • The Brahminy Blind stands out as the smallest snake that comes with the Earth. It really is 2 to make sure you 6 long long is non venomous.
  • The Queen cobra (15-18 paws long) would be the most venomous snake along with one of the many largest snakes on the Earth.
  • Snakes of this boa in addition to python household (like boa constrictor, anaconda, green boa) could be the longest as well as heaviest snakes in the


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Right photo credit: tommaso lizzul | Shutterstock

Madagascar, a far-flung isolated island founded by the Malays, is a land like no other. An island roughly the size of Texas or France, Madagascar has some of the highest biodiversity on the planet. Of roughly 200,000 known species found on Madagascar, about 150,000 are endemic - meaning they exist nowhere else on the globe. Unique to the island are more than 50 types of lemurs, 99 percent of its frog species, and 36 genera of birds. Madagascar houses 100 percent of the world's lemurs, half of its chameleon species, 6 percent of its frogs, and none of its toads. Some species found in Madagascar have their closest relatives not in Africa but in the South Pacific and South America.

With renewed interest generated by the latest research findings that Madagascar was founded by women from the Malay World, it is only appropriate that we revisit one of the island nation's most unique features - its wildlife. The following article presents some of the unique inhabitants of the Madagascar


Photo of a day octopus by
Ahmed Abdul Rahman available
at Wikimedia Commons.
1. The plural of octopus is octopuses. How an English word is pluralized depends, in part, on its origins. Latin words that end in –us are generally pluralized by replacing the –us with an –i (the plural of alumnus, for example, is alumni). But octopus is not Latin – It comes from the ancient Greek word októpous, whose plural is októpodes. Although octopodes is technically correct, since it has been adopted into the English language, the word is now pluralized in the English way, making it octopuses. So octopi is commonly used but not technically correct, octopodes is technically correct but not commonly used and octopussies is just plain wrong.

2. Octopuses are mollusks. This means that they are not only closely related to squid and cuttlefish


The two most popular striped mammals are the Tigers and Zebras. Aside from these two striped animals, can you name more stripes mammals?

Western Bongo

Western Bongo or Tragelaphus eurycerus eurycerus is unique mammal with white-yellow stripes. This antelope with spiral horns is herbivorous is one of the largest African forest antelopes with both sexes having horns.