07 February, 2017

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Here we are again, albeit a month later than usual (apologies), time to pronounce my Top Ten Sustainability Reports for 2016. I have been picking Top Tens now for several years... 2010, 2011, 2012 , 2013, 2014 and  2015. These Top Ten posts are always the most popular posts of the year and get thousands and thousands of views. Every year I say that selecting my Top Ten is the hardest thing I do on the CSR Reporting Blog and every year I am right. I am always soooooo tempted to increase the number to more than 10. And this year, I broke.
I decided to go for  💙 15 💚 reports this year.  

As I did last year, I will acknowledge once again a small group of favorite reporters and its very tempting


thesovietarmourblog Tiles Murphy


This iteration of the BMP family is technically excellent in the application of available technologies and features, especially when compared to its predecessor, the BMP-1, but some view the BMP-2 is nothing more than a "rehash" of the old and obsolete BMP-1 design. While that is technically true, the sentiment behind such an accusation points to an incorrect mindset. The BMP-2 is a product improved BMP-1, but it is not quite the same thing as its predecessor. Far from it. It is so heavily modified that the only similarities are in the general layout, and the powertrain, which was retained as is. Even the armour was changed, just not cosmetically. The most obvious difference is, of course, the new turret, now armed with a deadly 30mm cannon. The modifications resulted in an almost entirely different vehicle with greatly expanded capabilities. However, the BMP-2 never got past the lack of a modern thermal imaging system like the M2 Bradley's ISU, and it only got worse as time went on, as the BMP-2 stagnated technologically


Background: In the late 1990s, I became interested in digital videography and purchased for about $2,500 a Sony DCR-VX1000 Mini-DV camcorder, which was the first video device to offer a FireWire (later IEEE-1394) digital output:

I was a consultant to Adaptec Corp. for the AHA-8940, the first commercial consumer-oriented FireWire adapter for Wintel PCs, and was a contributor to Microsoft’s PC98 System Design Guide for DV-to-disk recording and editing under Windows 98. I also was a beta tester for early versions of


friedbagels Aaron Read
While I'm specifically talking about radio remote broadcasting options for sports, most of this info can be used for any remote broadcast.  And I do recommend that for most college radio stations: don't stay hiding in the studio - get out and do a weekly live broadcast from the student center for a few hours...it's totally worth it.

Note: this is a written version of a presentation I often give at the annual fall CBI Conference.

This article is going to cover several topics surrounding remote broadcasts both on- and off-campus.  Read on, after the jump...

  1. Overview - First things First: What is a Sportscast?
  2. Preparation is Key, But Everybody Lies.
  3. More Money = More Options - The High-End Route.
  4. I'm a Cheap SOB - The Low-End (but still workable!) Route.
  5. No Engineer?  No Problem!
  6. Tips For Better Sounding Sportscasts.
  7. Tools in the Toolbox.
  8. Adapting for Non-Sports Broadcasts.
  9. Conclusion.

Overview - First things First: What is a Sportscast?
What is a sportscast?  At its core, it's a person (a sportscaster) or two at a game that is somewhere other than your studio, and someone back at


Uhf Vs Vhf Wireless Microphone Systems Images

UHF 16-CH Wireless Microphone System OKAYO WT-808T, WT-808R Outdoor Card-Operated Payphone 9150 Wireless Gateway EDGE / GPRS / WLAN 802.11 b/g Card GT Combo EDGE VHF Wireless Microphone Systems ... Document Viewer

Uhf Vs Vhf Wireless Microphone Systems Pictures

: D . . . . . . . . . . . 5 - Florida Sound Engineering Co ...
UHF Like the VHF region, the UHF region contains several bands that are used for wireless microphone systems. However, certain physical, regulatory, and economic differ-


I. Introduction
1. The Asian Banker held a high-level dialogue with CROs and their senior management equivalents at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur on 20th May 2014
2. The following report summarises the central points presented by the key speakers of the session, including main issues discussed, as well as the Question and Answer session that followed.
3. The objectives of the session were to discuss
  • Findings from annual submissions to the Asian Banker risk management awards evaluation
  • The risk profiles of Asian banks and where are the red flags showing
  • Implementing risk culture in emerging markets
II. In Attendance
Key participants in this dialogue were:
Ramnath Krishnan, Chief Risk Officer, HSBC Malaysia Berhad 
Jeroen Thijs, Chief Risk Officer, Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad
Kim Fan Kwai, Chief Risk Officer, Bangkok Bank
Adinor Mohamed Yunus, Chief Risk Officer, Bank Muamalat
Lam Kah Hoe, Head Operational Risk, Bangkok Bank
Richard Liew, Head of Risk Management, Bank of East Asia
Alvin Arrais, Head of Operational Risk, Bank of East Asia
Yong Yeong Yen, Head of Market Risk, Bank of East Asia
Rungporn Roengpitya, Head of Quantitative


(En glish version at the end of article)

Hroši byli jedinými zástupci kopytníků, kteří na Madagaskaru žili i před příchodem člověka. Předpokládá se, že poslední z nich možná na ostrově byli ještě před 1000 lety. V důsledku zaměření koncentrace paleontologů na sloní ptáky nebo obří lemury se zatím hroším trpaslíkům nedostává pozornosti, jaké by si zasloužili. Zcela neprávem.

Ještě donedávna jsme se na hrochy dívali ze zcela špatné strany. Byli považováni za sesterskou skupinu kladu Suina, kam patří prasata a pekariové. Tohle zařazení na základě podobností v dentici (obě skupiny mají bunodontní chrup) přetrvávalo t


Educator and Art History Professor Lori Hutchinson, a reader of this blog, has sent me a guest post which begins below.  She also presents a link to a site she owns that matches up people to post-graduate educational opportunities.   Her ten reasons are all short statements which could all be individual blog posts but they are succinct and to the point.  Lori Hutchinson ~

Top 10 Reasons Evolution is Wrong

1. Birds – When you really think about the idea of natural selection and apply it to certain species, it doesn’t always make sense. For example, why would birds evolve wings if they didn’t need to fly before? What use were wings before they were big enough to get the bird off the ground? Until wings evolved  completely, they would be useless, and so why did birds supposedly spend millions of generations evolving a useful wing?

2. No Missing Links – If the species today evolved from other species millions of years ago, why aren’t we digging up fossils of all these missing links? Evolutionists will line up pictures of extinct ape skills and compare them to a human skull, but the gaps between each species are still too big.

3. Single Cell Complexity – Evolutionists believe that all life evolved