The Creepiest Places on Earth


Stuffed animals strewn about Jazzland Source: Free York

Certain places on Earth are best left alone. Whether they have been made by nature or by man, these locales can scare the hell out of you. This, bizarrely, is what makes them so appealing to certain people in the first place. We enjoy that adrenaline rush that comes out of primal fear, and these are some of the best locations in the world to experience it.

Creepiest Places: The LaLaurie Mansion

Creepiest Places Lalaurie Outside

Looks pretty harmless from the outside
Source: Wikimedia

Our obsession with serial killers is pretty evident. They are the worst that mankind has to offer so, naturally, they fascinate us. However, very rarely do they leave behind such a creepy legacy as the LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans. For multiple decades in the 19th century, this was where wealthy Louisiana socialite Delphine LaLaurie engaged in the brutal torture and murder of her slaves.

Creepiest Places Lalaurie Night

Ok, it gets a little scary at night
Source: The Magazine

We’ll probably never know exactly how many people met a gruesome end in that house, but some claim it was in the hundreds. These kinds of homes often get demolished, but not so for this home. Not only is the LaLaurie Mansion still standing, it’s become a prominent New Orleans landmark. At one point, the home was even purchased by actor Nicolas Cage.

Creepiest Places Lalaurie Tour

Unsurprisingly, people say the mansion is haunted and offer ghost tours
Source: Blogspot

Creepiest Places: Vent Haven

Creepiest Places Haven Puppets

What could possibly be creepy about this place?
Source: Cincinnati

Some call Vent Haven a museum; others call it a cemetery. Truth be told, it’s a bizarre mixture of both. At the same time, some find Vent Haven completely harmless while, for others, it is hell on Earth. How can one place evoke such polarizing emotions? It’s home to hundreds and hundreds of ventriloquist dolls and puppets; that’s how.

There is no denying that many people find these dolls to be incredibly creepy. They freak us out even when someone uses them as a form of entertainment. Just imagine, then, being in a room filled with a hundred or so of these puppets, completely silent, just staring at you.

Creepiest Places Haven Heads

Just a bunch of doll heads, nothing wrong here
Source: NHKL

Located in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, Vent Haven museum was founded by a ventriloquist called William Shakespeare Berger. Since then, it has become tradition for ventriloquists who pass on to donate some or all of their puppets to the museum.

Creepiest Places Haven Convention

Clearly these people have never seen Child’s Play
Source: Aunt Gabby

Willard Asylum

Creepiest Places Willard Outside

Looks ok from here
Source: Wikimedia

From the outside, this building in Willard, New York does not look very threatening. However, things change a little once you step inside. The 20-year abandoned building is a former insane asylum which, by default, automatically places you in a real-life horror movie.

If that alone is not enough to frighten you, then discovering the numerous, very wrong things that went on in this place should. By all accounts, it turned into a somewhat reputable ward by the end of its lifespan but, for most of its duration, it was simply a place where people were locked up to die.

Creepiest Places Willard Inside

Never mind
Source: Distractify

Over half of the patients that were committed here died in the asylum. 30 years was the average stay. In its first decades, the people committed at Willard weren’t actually expected to ever leave. Most of them ended up being buried in a cemetery across the street from the asylum in a nameless grave, being remembered as just a number.

Creepiest Places Cemetery

This is where most of the inmates ended up
Source: Inmates Of Willard

Jazzland/Six Flags New Orleans

Creepiest Places Jazzland Aerial

How it looked after Katrina
Source: Wikipedia

We’ve already looked at a scary house, a creepy museum and a destitute asylum so we might as well cover an abandoned amusement park to complete the set. Although its name is Six Flags New Orleans, it was known as Jazzland before that so many people still refer to the park that way. Opened in 2000, it functioned well for five years until it was struck by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. It has been abandoned ever since.

Creepiest Places Jazzland Coaster

Some rides were left standing after the hurricane
Source: Wikipedia

Currently, the park is owned by the city of New Orleans. Six Flags terminated its lease when the costs of repairs became way too exorbitant to ever become profitable again. This means that it is unlikely that it will be renovated anytime soon, despite several proposals from interested parties. Even so, it remains a popular hangout for teenagers (particularly skaters) and was even used as a filming location for several movies.

Creepiest Places Jazzland Cool Zone

Wonder what made them think this would be a good place to film horror movies?
Source: Blogspot

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