Desert Biome: World Problems and Solutions

What happens if there's Climate Change?
Desert plants go wild during wet years when treated to excess carbon dioxide, researchers say. The finding backs up climate change models, which predict that rising levels of atmospheric CO2 will disrupt the ecology of sensitive desert ecosystems. Experts fear that the change will favor invasive plants given to triggering wildfires.  Long-term elevated CO2 levels could give exotic species a boost, Smith says 'The deserts of the world are threatened by a combination of human exploitation and climate change that could, within decades, wipe out many unique habitats and rare species'.

Sustainable Development:

Desert irrigation is something that's being used in the Saudi Arabian desert to grow wheat with a roving sprinkler system. Since feeding a great mass of 7 billion people isn't easy, the Saudi's and others, have taken to greening the desert. Their putting their efforts of turning sand into what now is used for farming wheat, through using modern irrigation technology and methods. Even though most of Saudi Arabia is a sandy desert, they obtain a massive aquifer. This is only one example, there's also crop circles.

Solar panels in the desert are parts of a project in California to provide cleaner energy in the state, and probably throughout their country. This project can provide as much to power around 160,000 houses in California. It displaces 300,000 metric tons of CO2 per year, which is equivalent to removing 60,000 cars from the road. These solar panels produce an estimate of 550 megawatts. This farm was beginning to be constructed in 2011, and later on finished in 2015. This farm brings many benefits to the environment as previously stated in this paragraph. It also beings community benefits like giving 440 construction jobs over the 26 months. It also gives educational benefits like renewable energy for training and educational programs.

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